The Neon Demon: They Only Want you when you’re seventeen

When you’re 21, you’re no fun.


Modeling, blood and jealousy, oh my! Los Angeles can be pretty damn cutthroat–it seems like everyone there is out to get you no matter what you do, and that’s certainly the case for Jesse, a teen who has just moved to the city to make it big in the modeling biz. She meets makeup artist Ruby, who introduces her to fembots Sarah and Gigi. The fembots are NOT happy about this angelic newcomer. She’s stealing all the gigs, damnit!

So what is a used-up fembot to do in a situation like this? Devour the competition, of course.

This flick has some slow spots, but they’re quite atmospheric and beautiful with a backdrop of vampy electronic music that will hypnotize you. This film has a little bit of everything: a creepy motel owner ready to prey on young girls, bloodthirsty blonde models, lesbian necrophilia, eyeball eating, and innocence lost.

It’s not your typical slasher flick. It will leave you thinking, “what the fuck?” And it may even make you think beyond that.

For me, this hit a personal nerve (you can read about my personal experience with modeling here) and it made me think about Second Skin quite a bit. I only made one real friend when I lived out in L.A. (and she’s AWESOME, by the way) and it certainly felt like  a dog eat dog–or model eat model–world out there. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not dogging on L.A., but I did feel like The Neon Demon encapsulated the landscape in a shockingly real way.

Check it out if you like your horror atmospheric and thought-provoking.


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