Almost Mercy: Merciless, Bloody Revenge!

Almost Mercy is one I’m still processing. It’s one of those horror movies that makes you think–it’s not your typical ‘tormented teenager takes revenge’ a la Carrie, which made it pretty damn interesting to me. There’s also the case of nature vs. nurture–do people really inherit psycho traits, or are their behaviors shaped by society?


Jackson and Emily are different, and that’s what helps them bond together like glue. Throughout the film, they’re both portrayed as total outcasts in a grim town in B.F.E. Throughout the film, we get glimpses into their tortured lives. And believe me, Jackson and Emily go through some really fucked up shit. If high school was hell for you, too, you’ll definitely be able to empathize with their characters.

Both Jackson and Emily reach their breaking points and seek out revenge in the most horrific way possible: by inflicting torture and pain on the ones who have hurt them the most. Without giving away the ending, I’ll just say this: Emily is…um…a damn good friend?

This film was visually striking and set in a bleak atmosphere, but there is something disturbingly beautiful about it. It made me think about why we never discuss the reasons behind school shootings. It made me think about what today’s kids face in school. And it made me reflect upon my own high school years (cringe).

I know it’s not well-reviewed so far, but I really enjoyed this one. If you’re a Netflixer, check it out and let me know what you think.


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