Second Skin: The Truth

I’m getting some questions here and there about whether or not there’s some truth to Second Skin, and I feel like I’m ready to talk about it now.

Yes, I was a model. Yes, I lived in L.A. and wrote articles and stories about sex. And yes, I was with a guy, someone I should have ended things with long ago, and I was very unhappy. And I had been unhappy for quite some time.

Let me give you a little bit of background. My mother became really ill, I got depressed, took a lot of drugs, struggled with an eating disorder, and I was in a haze for a long time after she died. I was also processing a few things that had happened in my childhood, but I kept everything bottled up inside.

Flash forward to a few years later, I moved with a guy to Los Angeles because things were not working out for us in Austin. When I told one of my friends, he warned me to be careful–a young socialite he’d heard of had been drowned in a bathtub at a party years ago. She was working her way up to be a model, an actress…anything to make it in Hollywood.

That story saddened me. I thought about it the entire time I was living there.

Those events inspired me to write the story, but Second Skin is basically the seed of my upcoming novel, “What Lies Within.” WLW is mostly from a female serial killer’s point of view, but SS is from a victim’s point of view.

‘Second skin’ is sort of a metaphorical term for me. It represents a mask that I had to put on every day–and truly, it felt like I got to hide behind all the makeup I’d often wear. It represents the strange kind of vanity people assume when they try to make it in the world, the things we do just to get by and make money, and how gritty and dark life can get.

I’m in a totally different place now. L.A. was not for me. I love my New Orleans life–being near friends, family, my wonderful partner and having a career as a librarian and author has been very fulfilling. But I will never let go of the dark. I believe it is one of life’s greatest teachers.


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