Curve: Pass, even on a double yellow line.


‘Curve’ is currently available on Netflix, so I wanted to give it a review.

Mallory seems to be struggling with her decision to get married and takes the long way to her wedding rehearsal.

Her crappy car breaks down and a “friendly” dude comes along to help her out. He hitches a ride with her and things go south fast–he turns out to be a pervy freak, so Mallory runs the car off the road in an effort to injure him.

I won’t give too much away, but Mallory redeems herself.

I’m a bit tired of the old “stupid girl makes stupid decisions and doesn’t listen to her gut” theme in movies, even though the character has a bit of a breakthrough. This one was a little too predictable for me. I recommend you pass on this one, and I recommend the book “The Gift of Fear” to Mallory.

What did y’all think of this one?


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