We Are What We Are=Many ‘wtf’ moments


Well, shit…it’s been a long time since I’ve posted. What can I say? Life is tricky sometimes. And I have a hard time remembering to post.

Anyway, on to more important matters: horror movies! I recently watched We Are What We Are, which is available on Netflix, and I’m still trying to decide what to make of it.

You are what you eat, and the Parkers eat people…so not only are they people, they’re crazy people, especially Papa Parker. Just look at his menacing stare in the above pic!

After a disturbing death in the family, the Parker children have a tough choice to make. Will they go along with Papa Parker’s crazy-cake ways, or will they break free and save their innocent little brother from his inherent cannibalistic tendencies?

This film really only gave me the heebie jeebies because I’m not much of a meat-eater, but it wasn’t particularly scary. It does have a decent amount of gore and a rather satisfying ending, but some parts are a bit slow. Overall, it’s worth checking out if you’re a horror fan or are intrigued by cannibalism.



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