Are you a starving artist?

I guess this is something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately: day jobs, Joe jobs, and the “myth” of the starving artist everyone keeps talking about.

I lived in Venice for about a year and was a full time writer. Was I writing what I wanted? No. Did I get by? Yes.

Now I’m working full time as a librarian, a job I love, but a job I’m getting burned out on.

I’m earning *almost* enough to do well living full time as a writer/artist, but this time, I’ve upped my standards! Living in L.A., I just wanted to get by, pay bills, and survive. Now I want more. Nothing wrong with that.

But, I’m really busting my ass. Personal life? Free time? What’s that?

Well, in the mean time, you should buy my book. It includes the kind of stuff I wanted to write.

Do you have a day job? How well are you getting by with your art?





  1. I have a day job and I made $18 last year on my book sales. So, I guess it’s a good thing I have a day job, yes? It makes writing tough because I also have a family. Ugh…


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